Comfort For Tummies

Digestive upsets are common in babies, whether breast or formula-fed. Here are some easy and natural ways to comfort sensitive digestive tracts:

Hot Water Bottle – you can get them at your local drug store (I prefer these to electrical heat). Fill it with comfortably warm water, and lay on baby’s stomach for several minutes.
Swaddling – helps the infant feel snug and secure, which can be very soothing.
Tummy Massage – the picture shows which direction to rub the baby’s abdomen. It’s important to move in a clockwise direction facing the child. Adding some Young Living DiGize, Peppermint, or TummyGize to the baby’s abdomen and then massaging can be very calming and supportive to the digestive system. To get yours, you can shop here:
Massaging the Legs – starting from the hips, rub down the side of the thigh to the knee. This is soothing to the large intestine and helps to ease gas bubbles.
Chiropractic Care – can help ease stress on the spinal nerves that control digestive and intestinal function.

Author: drdebforyou