I Feel So Bloated!

This is a common complaint in my practice. The first thing I need to find out (if it’s a female) is if it’s digestive system bloat, or menstrual-related bloat. Let’s explore both:

Digestive bloat can happen if you are not digesting your food properly or completely. To start with, make sure to chew the food completely to liquid before swallowing. Eat something raw at every meal to ensure you’re getting natural enzymes from food. Also, don’t drink too much liquid while eating since it can dilute the digestive enzymes you have in your system. To help support proper digestive function, you might want take a broad-spectrum, plant-based or combination plant and animal glandular-based digestive enzyme with added hydrochloric acid (Betaine Hydrochloride) about 10 minutes before each meal. My two favorites are Super Digest by BEST Process AlkaLine Supplements, or EssentialZyme by Young Living.

Menstrual bloat can happen usually due to increase in estrogen production right before ovulation, and again around day 22. There are several things you can do to ease this discomfort: limit your intake of processed, salty foods like chips and such. Eating Himalayan pink salt or Celtic gray salt seem to be okay. Decrease your exposure to xenoestrogens in the form of plastics, chemicals in certain cosmetics and personal care products, and commercial dairy and beef. Buy products that don’t add hormones and have cut out chemicals like parabens. Keep your liver as clean as possible by staying away from bad fats, processed foods, fast foods, and too much caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. There are great products out there to support liver function like Young Living’s JuvaPower. Starting the day out with a cup of warm water with the juice of 1/2 an organic lemon and increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can be supportive as well. Consider a Progesterone cream or oil like Progessence Plus to help support healthy hormonal balance.

Lastly, managing your stress levels with moderate exercise, meditation, and a fun hobby is important for your digestive and hormonal systems to function properly.

Author: drdebforyou