Dr Deb at work

Chiropractic services include:

• Gentle, non-force techniques, safe and effective for all ages; even newborns.
• Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is a completely non-forceful chiropractic method of directly affecting the muscles along the spine which results in gentle alignment.
• Activator is a chiropractic adjusting tool that delivers a high-speed, low amplitude thrust to gently move vertebrae and other bones.
 • Applied Kinesiology and Touch For Health muscle testing techniques are also utilized.
  • Electric muscle stimulation using interferential current is a physiotherapy modality that helps to relax muscles, calm nerves, and increase blood and lymphatic circulation. It feels great and helps prepare the body to receive the chiropractic adjustment.
  • LED Light Therapy uses different light spectrums to penetrate to differing levels of skin and connective tissue to help reduce pain and inflammation, help increase flexibility, circulation, and anti-oxidant activity, and decrease post-workout recovery time.
  • Exercise Therapy might be recommended to increase strength, flexibility, or reeducation of the communication between the nerve and muscle systems.

Other Natural Therapies:

Raindrop Technique, a beautiful system of anointing with pure, potent Young Living essential oils, accompanied by light massage techniques to assist the body in balancing naturally. You can learn more here:
Vibrational Raindrop is similar to the classic Raindrop and uses tuning forks and gemstone tips to affect the body’s balance at a deeper level. Vibrational Raindrop embodies the philosophy and practice of spiritual and energetic healing on all levels of the human biofield. You can read more about vibrational raindrop at
AromaDome is a great way to relax and re-balance your body. Enveloped in a small tent, enjoy a mini-vacation as you are surrounded by a cloud of pure Young Living essential oils. A consultation determines what oil is best for you at each visit. 15 minute session includes foot VitaFlex, a specialized form of reflexology using premium Young Living essential oils.
• iTovi scan is available for an in-depth look to help you choose your perfect essential oils and supplements.
• Nutritional and Lifestyle counseling services are also available to determine your body’s needs and set you on a path for vibrant living.