Determining the Amount of Hydrochloric Acid You Need

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is present in the human stomach to assist protein digestion, mineral absorption, in killing unwanted bacteria, and more. As humans age, secretion of hydrochloric acid naturally decreases.

Some signs of low HCl include: muscle cramps, weak nails, indigestion, candida overgrowth, dry skin, chronic fatigue, and more. I have found in my practice that many people can greatly benefit from supplementing with HCl.

Here is an easy way to determine how much your body needs:
1) Buy an HCl supplement in TABLET form.
2) Take one tablet on an empty stomach.
3) Wait 5-15 minutes. If you don’t feel burning in your stomach, take another tablet.
4) Repeat step 3 until you feel a burning sensation in your stomach.
5) Your perfect dose is the # of tablets taken that caused a burning sensation minus 1.


Example: if you took 5 tablets and then felt the burning sensation, your perfect dose is 4 tablets. I recommend you recheck your dosage every few months or so.


Please note: this information is for educational purposes only and not meant to diagnosis, prescribe, or treat any disease. If you have a health concern, contact your doctor.

Author: drdebforyou