Emotions and Health

Have you ever been nervous about speaking in public and your stomach had butterflies? Or, you were going to meet an important person for the first time and you could barely stutter your own name?
These are examples of psychosomatic responses; your body responding to nervous thoughts or emotions.
While these two scenarios might be somewhat commonly accepted as “normal” in some people, most people don’t think about how chronic emotional upheaval can affect long term health.
Depending on where you research, many experts in the health field agree that between 95-100% of all disease processes have emotional or spiritual roots. We are spiritual beings with a soul (which includes our mind, will, and emotions), and we live in a body. What affects us in one part will affect the two other.
If you only pay attention to treating the physical manifestation of disease – symptoms – the true cause of the condition might still be present on a deeper level and will continue to pop up somewhere in your body until the root is dug up and eliminated.
There are several authors who address this subject. Some of my favorite are Karol Truman, Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss, Norman Shealy, Ted Morter, Carolyn Leaf, Louise Hay, Sue Morter, Carolyn Mein, and Henry Wright.
If you’re interested in total health of spirit, soul, and body, check out some of these authors. Their books will bless you!

Author: drdebforyou