If You Choose To Vaccinate

After doing your research, if you DO choose to vaccinate your children, there are some steps you can take to help your baby’s body better deal with the oncoming assault. First, some good resources for vaccination information are mothering.com, nvic.org, vaxtruth.org, circleofdocs.com, naturalnews.com, and thedoctorwithin.com.

Delaying vaccinations is a good idea. Some countries don’t even start until kids are 2 years old. That gives the child’s immune and digestive system a chance to develop to better deal with the ingredients being injected into them.

Also, consider a schedule of shots that is more spread out so that baby doesn’t receive so many at once – better yet, only one at a time.

To help boost the the body’s ability to deal with the stress that vaccinations and their ingredients can cause, here is a list of supplements you can consider:

Buffered vitamin C taken a week before and a week after
Young Living Frankincense, Stress Away, Peace & Calming, and Lavender essential oils to help soothe/calm and support wellness
Liquid Zeolite Ultra helps rid the body of heavy metals found in vaccinations
Thuja Occidentalis also help with detoxification of the body’s tissues

Author: drdebforyou