Ways to Tame the Sugar Monster

Here are 8 ways to beat down the sugar monster:

  • Get plenty of sleep. If you wake well rested and refreshed, you are far less likely to reach for sugar throughout the day.
  • Drink lots of water or herbal tea. Stevia helps balance blood sugar if you like a little sweetness added.
  • Breathe deeply.  Take 10 slow deep breaths and you’ll be less likely to binge.
  • Eat adequate protein. Healthy fat and protein from good sources like grass-fed beef, cold water wild-caught fish help stabilize blood sugar.
  • Eat adequate good fats. Fat makes you full and satisfied and far less likely to crave sugar. Choose coconut oil, raw dairy, real butter, raw nuts.
  • You may be magnesium deficient. Nuts, legumes, and deep green leafy veggies are great sources.
  • Get some exercise each day, preferably outdoors. Walking is a great energizer!
  • Sniff peppermint essential oil. Pure, therapeutic grade peppermint oil has been shown to decrease appetite and mentally energize! For a good source, click here: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start

Author: drdebforyou