I’ve been guilty of if myself; I want a “quick fix”, a “silver bullet”. But, life doesn’t happen that way. Health and healing are a journey and journeys take time.

There are 3 translations for the words translated into “heal” or “healed” in the new testament. “Sozo” occurs 4 times and is the healing that comes as part of the salvation package from believing in Jesus Christ as personal savior. “Iaomai” is used in the examples where instantaneous healings took place like the example of the woman with the issue of blood (Matthew 9:22) or the man with the withered hand (Mark 3:5).

Then there is “therapeo”. It’s where we get our English work therapy from. It gives the connotation of “healing over time” or “recovery”(Mark 6:13).

In my 3 decades of experience in the health care profession, I have had the honor and pleasure to be witness to several iaomai healings. For sure, they are exciting and joyous miracles to witness! But, for the most part, healing comes in a more therapeo fashion.

In the physical, tissue takes time to heal. When everything is on healing’s side; proper rest, good nutrition, purposeful thoughts, it usually still takes time to manifest in the physical realm.

The picture chart with this blog post is just one of many you can find on the internet to illustrate the different timelines associated with the healing process of different tissues. For a real change to take place in physical healing of tissues, 60-120 days is really the minimum. This will ensure that injured cells are starting to be replaced, and new cells are being born into more optimal soil to grow in.

Through faith and patience, we inherit the promises of God (Hebrews 6:12). Stay steadfast in those things that cause health and healing in your life: eat real food, think good thoughts, breathe fresh air, stay hydrated, keep your spine aligned, and find exercise you enjoy and will stick with. Therapeo healing is something to be celebrated as well!

Author: drdebforyou