Vinegar and Healthy Blood Sugar

Ingesting a good quality vinegar has many health benefits. One of them may be to help to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Many articles have been written on the detriments of chronic high blood sugar levels and its affect on illness vs. wellness. In my research, all the experts agree that eating a lower glycemic food program is healthier for humans.

One way to have a positive affect on your blood sugar is to ingest vinegar with your meal. Here is an excerpt of an article by Designs for Health I just read: “Another factor in regard to using vinegar as a blood glucose regulating adjunct is timing. Vinegar ingested five hours prior to a carbohydrate-containing meal had no notable effect on PPG compared to placebo, while the same amount of vinegar consumed along with the test meal resulted in a 19% lowering of PPG (post-prandial glucose = blood sugar levels after eating). Yet again we have evidence supporting the wisdom of traditional cuisines that employ vinegar-based condiments, such as marinades, dressings and pickled vegetables.”

So, have your salad or your grilled chicken with your favorite homemade dressing or marinade made with a healthy vinegar; my favorite is raw apple cider vinegar! It will taste yummy AND help you maintain more even levels of blood sugar!

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Author: drdebforyou