Tea & Heart Health

Many people already know there are health benefits from drinking tea, including antioxidant, metabolic, and heart support. A new study was done at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Peking University Health Science Center in Beijing, China to specifically study the effects of tea on heart problems caused by narrowed heart arteries and atherosclerosis (Ischemic Heart Disease or IHD).
The predominant type of tea was green tea. Compared with participants who had not consumed tea during the previous 12 months, daily tea drinkers had an 8% relative risk reduction in IHD, and a 10% lover risk or major coronary events. The most protective effects were among those who have regularly consume tea for more than 3 decades.
In America, our top 3 choices of beverages are water, coffee, and non-diet soda. We might want to rethink our choices!
For the full article, click here: Tea Consumption Associated with Lower Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease


Author: drdebforyou