One Major Key to Healing

When your body is not acting healthy in accordance to the Word of God, speak to it! Command it to align itself to your covenant of health. You do your part, and God will do His part, according to every promise that your covenant outlines for you in His Word. Let the Word fight its own fight! Speak only the Word over your situation and watch It work on your behalf!

Father God, forgive me for saying things that were against Your Word contrary to the Bible, that were against myself. Forgive me for not monitering my mouth. Set a watch at the door of my lips lest I say something wrong. Check me, alert me, help me to be aware of it. I purpose to stop and to change. I say outloud – the Lord is my God! Nobody is greater than Him! Victory is mine! Healing is mine! Blessing is mine! Protection is mine! Fullness in mine! Abundance is mine! I will speak life and not death. I will speak victory and not defeat.

From Keith Moore Ministries based on Matthew 8:16, Mark 11:14, Romans 4:17, James 3:2, Jeremiah 1:12

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