My Chiropractic Story


I realized that, as I meet new friends, maybe some of you have never heard my amazing Chiropractic “miracle” story!

I was always quite ill as a child. Ever since I could remember, I had asthma, food allergies, animal allergies, migraine headaches, and a nervous skin rash. My allergies were so bad that if I walked into a house with any type of animal I didn’t even need to see it, my eyes would immediately start to swell shut and I would go into an asthma attack. I had an itchy rash by my elbows and behind my knees that was so bad, I would scratch, scratch, scratch till the blood dripped down my legs into my shoes! Oh yea, my “ring” toes used to split open on the bottom. I would often be left out of events with the Girl Scouts because my mom was concerned that my asthma would act up. Many foods caused my mouth to itch and swell. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

When I was 16 years old my dad took me to a chiropractor; not because he knew what one was, but because, as an electrician, he was hired to wire the office of the new chiropractor in town. They got to talking about what kind of doctor this “Doctor of Chiropractic” was and my dad took me in to start care.

This doctor taught me how the nerves of the spine connect my brain to the rest of my body and if there is interference along those pathways, there is dis-ease. If that compromised nerve runs from the brain to the lungs, the lungs won’t work right. If that compromised nerve runs from the brain to the adrenal (stress) glands, then my body can’t handle stress and balance hormones properly, etc., etc. The chiropractor showed me how I had a scoliosis and that it was interfering with how my body functioned. 

I NEVER HAD BACK PAIN! I was just dying! 

He also taught be about nutrition and about reflexes on my body that could be stimulated and cleared to help the body work better. 

I underwent a series of adjustments and got better and better! The body needs no help in getting and staying healthy; it just needs the interference taken away!

Here I am today helping other people live healthier lives through the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic. Health comes from Above-Down, Inside-Out. 

I have often wondered how different my childhood would have been if my parents would have known about the benefits of chiropractic when I was a baby, instead of a teenager…

Author: drdebforyou