Delicious Teas that Build Your Bones

I enjoy both coffee and tea. Drinking too much coffee, however, can be hazardous to bone density.

There are some delicious teas that actually help to rebuild and maintain strong bones! Here are some of my favorites.


(Note: tea plants naturally absorb fluoride from the soil, and large amounts of this element can be harmful to the bones. Make sure to purchase high quality, organic teas. Loose leaf teas are lower in natural fluoride content; cheap bagged tea or instant tea powder has the highest.)

  1. Oolong tea, white tea, and green tea are all from the same plant Camellia senensis, they are just in different in their time of harvesting and how they are processed. They are full of health-promoting nutrients like anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and others that help stave off dis-ease and support wellness. One of my favorites is Young Living’s Slique tea. You can buy it here:
  2. Rooibos tea contains the minerals magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, and zinc. It is full of antioxidants for anti-aging, and low in tannic acids. It has a special phenylpyretic acid to help keep the skin looking young and clear. My favorite is Numi Chocolate Rooibos tea.
  3. Hibiscus tea is not only good for bone health, but also supports normal blood pressure levels. Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger is one of my favorites.
  4. Chamomile tea is calming and soothing as well as being bone-health.


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