I really appreciate the Environmental Working Group. They are committed to providing consumers with information needed to make the cleanest, most chemical-free food and personal care choices possible. Each year, they publish a list of the commercially grown fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest pesticide residue levels. Choosing and growing organic is a great way to decrease the toxic load on your body. Vote with your dollars!
I also found the list on the Save our Bones website and I liked that, with one click, Ms. Goldschmidt also included a brief explanation of nutrients and health benefits of the fruits and veggies listed as well as the names and descriptions of some of the toxins to avoid.
With all of the junk we are exposed to out there, it’s good to know there are several hard-working groups out there to help us navigate a cleaner path.
Here are the links:


Updated For 2018: The Dirty Dozen And Clean 15 Fruits And Vegetables

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