A Good Exercise Program

I know, I know! I “should” exercise more than I do. But, like everyone, I’m busy and do my best to make exercise a priority.
I’m willing to spend about 1/2 hour on a daily exercise program (in my defense, MOST days, I also walk my dog twice for 12 minutes each). So, I went to Uncle Google and asked him to search for “1/2 hour exercise programs”.
This Ideal Shape Challenge is one that came up, and I really like it! There is a video for the warm up, another one for the cool down, and a different exercise routine for 6 days a week for 12 weeks! It also includes a challenge at the end if you want to do that.
The only equipment they use are some hand weights, a yoga mat, and an exercise ball. Many of the exercises are done with your own body resistance, which is great.
I highly recommend this program for anyone. It’s easy to follow, and a gives you a good overall workout.
P.S. I do NOT recommend their weight loss shakes, however, because they have artificial sweeteners and flavors in them. Yuck!

Author: drdebforyou

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